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I have been hearing story after story of families who have faced medical challenges that seem as if there is simply no way through. They cannot ignore the problems they are faced with, either for their children or themselves. There have been tears, questionings, and prayers for help and healing. They have reached dead ends with the medical community and have reached out for help to alternative medical communities, which by the way, are growing in number as I write.

It is for these families, and those who are just beginning their journey to understanding a whole new approach toward feeding the family, that I write. While eating different foods that nourish us as individuals is a big part of healing, finding the right help to navigate through it all is just as important.

If you are facing medical challenges that don’t seem to have answers, you might consider looking into the functional and restorative medical community. Most of this side of medicine is filled with M.D. doctors who have left the traditional medical world to use their gifts and talents to help others understand a more “whole” approach to their health journey. I continue to be amazed at the stories of doctors who simply could not ignore the truth that there are other ways to help people solve their medical conditions than with prescription drugs or surgeries. Just read Dr. Gudry’s story. As one of the nation’s leading heart surgeons, he simply could not continue practicing without considering a different approach. His story will blow your mind!

I am thankful for those in my own life who have inspired me and shown me how to begin looking for another way. Your stories have moved me and given me hope. It encourages me to continue writing and allows me the opportunity to find my own way, for no two journeys are the same. The road is not easy, and it can be lonely at times.

I look forward to sharing this quest with anyone who is moving in a similar direction and finding some great ways to make life a little less lonely. We might even laugh along the way instead of cry. There is a way through the unknown.


Please know that I am not a doctor. I share my experiences with you to inspire, but not instruct.

The private or public use of any part of this article is at your own risk. The content of this article in part or in whole is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness.

You should seek the advice and counsel of your preferred medical professional prior to any new lifestyle or dietary changes.