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What has your week looked like? Between experiencing a flare up in my own symptoms, sending off my husband’s lab for SIBO, and a son with developing psoriasis, my week has turned into one filled with questions. And interestingly enough, some of my most trusted sources are sharing new research that helped me find some answers. Don’t get me wrong, I still have questions, but at least clarity is coming.

When I get into this research mode, I have this fear that I am turning into a person who lives in constant self-diagnosis. That is definitely happening more and more for people as information continues to become readily available. But thankfully we, personally, have great medical practitioners in our life that help us navigate our symptoms and follow some of this same research, making this a point of harmony, not disruption. To help me not get lost in the multiple online resources, one thing I practice is to remember the basics about research I learned in school years ago.

That is why I have two or three leading sources that I trust for their insights. One of those that I have been learning the most from this week is Chris Kresser. Until I starting reading the transcript of his recent podcast, I would have told you that I was the only one in our house with an autoimmune disease. But as I read Chris Kresser’s transcript, pieces of the puzzle started filling in and things are beginning to make sense. There is a connection they’re finding between SIBO and autoimmune disease. Really? Wow! That makes so much sense, but I could never say it as well as he could, so either read or listen to it for yourself.

RHR: A New Understanding of SIBO and IBS

So where does this leave me? Walking hopeful, that’s where — learning, growing, adapting, and living one day at a time. Everything I read tells me that healing and wellness all starts in the kitchen. If that’s the case, then as I feed my family around the dinner table, what I am learning changes everything. Never before have I considered the task of making meals more thoughtfully and with such a deep sense of responsibility.

Some weeks will be good. Some weeks will be bad. Will we respond in grace to the bad weeks? Grace for ourselves. Having a graceful table isn’t about the appearance or the beauty of the meal you provide. Let yourself have a graceful table this week — keep learning and growing.