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What is a dream board? It is a place where you post pictures, photos, words, or phrases that are your inspiration for accomplishing those otherwise elusive dreams.

30 days ago I made my first dream board and hung it in a place where I can see it multiple times a day. For me that was in our bedroom. For some of you it might be in the kitchen or even the bathroom. Wherever that place is, it is important to hang it somewhere you can engage with it many times in a given day. The more times you see this dream board, the more likely you are to meet your dreams and goals.

I put more than 12 dreams on my board, and I have already met 2 of them since I have started. I have painted my kids’ room and planted a garden. My other dreams are already in motion and beginning to shape my daily life. In 30 days, I hope to have at least 2 more of my goals met.

I have been surprised by the influence this board has had in my life. I would never have considered myself someone who is lazy or doesn’t have accomplishments. But when I looked at what my dreams were, it was amazing to see the areas that I could focus on improving so much more.

I have loved this challenge because it is making me better and helping me tackle life, not letting life tackle me. I am reading more, exercising more, dropping weight, spending more time with my kids, and accomplishing life.

What are your dreams? Do you want them to stay dreams, or do you want to meet those dreams and make them a reality? Would you consider making a dream board for yourself? It is the beginning May, so start fresh in this month. If you set some goals January 1 that have fallen by the wayside, start again. You still have 7 months left in 2019—plenty of time to make a difference in your life and that of your family.