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When I first encountered the Paleo lifestyle of eating, it was when we had some friends over for dinner more than 5 years ago. They were losing weight left and right, and they looked great! They had chosen Paleo because at the time, it was a new fad for losing weight and living healthier. It was part of the whole food eating movement.

That was just the beginning as Paleo recipes everywhere started popping up. It became easier to eat Paleo and still enjoy some of the same great foods we used to eat. This has been both good and bad. We have not embraced the Paleo lifestyle completely if we’re still eating the same, just changing up the ingredients. Many of those comfort foods and treats continue to be high in calorie and ultimately bad for us if not eaten in moderation.

So if you’ve been eating whole foods or adapting the Paleo lifestyle, you might be wondering why those extra pounds aren’t slipping off as quickly as you think they should. There is a simple answer, but we may not like it. We must change the way that we look at food and how we use it to feed our bodies. The types and quantities of foods we enjoy needs to shift in order for us to see that weight fall off. And unfortunately, we must eat less sweets. Yes, those Paleo brownies are nice to have, but we just shouldn’t have them very often.

If you’re having a hard time letting go of those sweet treats, you might be one of those people who opts for some of those low-calorie sweeteners, thinking that is a good option that will hold your weight at bay, or even allow room for weight loss. Today I read a great article from The Paleo Mom that talks about the trouble with all those sweeteners that claim to be low-calorie. So, before you think about making those brownies one more time, you might want to consider something else to eat. Maybe you really shouldn’t be eating something sweet at all, or maybe you should have a piece of fruit.