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I just read an awesome article from one of my favorite sources, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, author of The Paleo Mom. She was the first source I ever found for my own personal healing journey. I started by reading The Paleo Approach just one year ago, and I have used her as a primary source for myself ever since. She takes the time to actually break down the science behind everything, which of course debunks every criticism I have ever been given by the skeptical people in my life.

One of the biggest criticisms and/or concerns about the Paleo lifestyle is “How are your kids going to get their calcium?” I have to be honest, that was one of my concerns before I developed my own knowledge base about nutrients and how they feed our body through the Paleo diet.

First of all, calcium is only ONE of the nutrients we should be concerned about in regards to overall health. Second, there are so many other sources for calcium. If you want to learn about it, I encourage you to read Dr. Ballantyne’s article about calcium here. She does an excellent job of speaking to this concern, in a nutshell. Read and enjoy!

“Why Don’t I Need to Worry About Calcium?” by Dr. Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom