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Mother’s Day is Sunday, and if you’re a mom, you find yourself wondering, can I really get a break that day? It is possible if you make the choice if you take it. For some of us, it is easier said than done. So, how in the world does Mom get the day off and yet keep the family fed and moving forward?

First of all, I would like to say it would be nice if Mother’s Day was on a Saturday, so getting the kids dressed and out the door for church wasn’t part of the day. Who thought this was a good idea? Obviously someone who either doesn’t go to church or have kids, right? But actually, I do find it somewhat rewarding to show up at church with the family dressed up for the day. Something tells me that if Mother’s Day was on Saturday, the day would be spent with everyone wearing pajamas and no one would leave the house! So, at least on Mother’s Day, I can feel proud being with my beautiful family.

One of the ways that I get a break here at the house is by keeping it simple. For breakfast I like to make muffins the day before. It could mean cooking up some breakfast sausage and storing it in the fridge to be warmed on Sunday morning. Or, maybe it’s a simple smoothie that my husband can manage with the kids. It is possible to not be in the kitchen Sunday morning with just a little planning and preparation.

Another way that moms can get a break on Mother’s Day is by going out to eat, but eating out isn’t easy when your family has so many dietary restrictions. Thankfully, brunch buffets (non-chain restaurants) can actually be easier for families with restrictions because they offer more whole foods and might even make food to order. Choose these restaurants for special occasions because there are plenty of food options for everyone to enjoy. This is one of our few fellowship opportunities around food that we can have with others outside of a home. If you have restrictions or are joining people with them, suggest going to a nice brunch buffet.

What about the rest of the day? You would think that eating at a buffet would fill the family for the rest of the day, but sadly, it won’t. I don’t know about your kids, but mine will complain they’re hungry about 2–3 hours later. How is this possible?! This is when I realize that today doesn’t need to be the day that has the most nutrient dense foods for my family. We just want to fill tummies with food that satisfies and keeps me out of the kitchen. So, hotdogs on the grill just might suffice for dinner. Thankfully they do indeed sell hotdogs with simple ingredients that I can feel relatively good about feeding my family.

And then, if we’re lucky enough, the kids will be so worn out from the day that they’ll be in bed early! Then we can be too, because we all know that being a mom, even on Mother’s Day, is exhausting. So find at least one way you can take a break from the routine of being mom. Do it for yourself—your family will thank you.

Enjoy this 3 minute video to remind yourself, you’re not alone with the crazy that surrounds Mother’s Day as a mom. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!