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How is it possible that we just left May behind and it’s already Father’s Day weekend? This is the evidence that the summer slips by faster than any other time of the year, right? It sure seems like it to me.

With Father’s Day this weekend, moms, wives, and kids all pitch in to make it a special day. But what that looks like varies depending on the family or season of life. And what makes Father’s Day special to one dad looks different for another. So how are you going to celebrate the dads in your life?

We’ve been told that men are simple, right? If that’s true, then there seem to be just three basic ways you can size up how to celebrate dad this weekend. So if you’re struggling with what to do, keep these basics in mind.

Option 1: I Cook
Some dads have a special meal that their wives or kids make that they would love to have made for them on Sunday. Whether it’s pancakes hot off the griddle or your famous lasagna, this is what he would choose. If this fits your family, head out to the grocery store and get planning today and tomorrow to make sure you have what you need on hand. And if you have kids in the house, get them involved too. They love to help!

Option 2: They Cook
If having a home cooked meal isn’t his thing on Father’s Day, then maybe it means we all head out to his favorite restaurant. Make a reservation and take him there. He loves when “they” cook. The blessing of this choice is that you love when “they” cook too!

Option 3: He Cooks
There are other dads who would love to have time to spend at his own grill without time constraints. Making food for the family on the grill is his love language. If this is your guy, consider buying some options for him to grill that are a bit more special for Father’s Day. Make it steaks and grill-worthy vegetables.

Which option fits your family? As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day at our house, we choose a variation of Option 1. We’ll fill a cooler with lunch and head to the state park for the day. Whether you choose to cook, let them cook, or give him the grill tongs for the day, make the day special. We are all more grateful for the dads in our life than we often admit every other day of the year. Happy Father’s Day dads! You make our lives possible in so many ways and our lives are full because of you.