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Memorial Day is upon us. It serves as a marker for the end of the school year, the beginning of summer, and a day off of work. We break out the grill, put on burgers and hotdogs, and have a cold drink in the warmth of May. But will our family take the time to remember what it’s all about? I just found this resource to help me decide how we will celebrate as a family: 9 Memorial Day Activities for Kids.

Understanding what the day is all about is incredibly important, but we all know that we cannot celebrate the day with others without food. Having warmer weather helps, but food does bring people together. So how do you handle having food limitations and sharing meals with others on this holiday?

It might be easier than you think. Remember two things are true when it comes to our intolerances. One, on days like Memorial Day, the table is generally full with whole foods you can enjoy (e.g. fruits, vegetables, meats). Two, if you are not in the elimination phase of your diet, AIP or otherwise, then remember that we live in the real world. 90–10 is okay. Decide if you can allow this day to be the 10% and eat some foods that are not normally on your approved list. Relax, savor the company and the day.

However, I will say that if you’re facing food allergies, especially as a parent, you need to be a good watchdog for yourself and your kids. My boys each have at least one epipen worthy food allergy, so we have to remain strict about those few foods, but otherwise, we let them enjoy some foods that they normally don’t have from our kitchen.

The most important thing about this day is that we don’t stay home when we can be spending time with friends and family. We need community and we also need food. So get out there and don’t be afraid of the food challenges that you have. Gather with others and celebrate! It really isn’t about the food.

We at our house want to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all our soldiers and veterans around the world — and to the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for your service to our nation and our families.