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Have you taken the time to notice that we’re all feeling a little lonely these days? The world is full of people, and we’re more connected than ever. But we are all in need of connecting with one another in real ways — not just through text or social media. And living life with dietary limitations doesn’t help.

The reality is that most of us have many reasons why we don’t get together with other people. For some it’s a budgetary thing. Lack of planning. Others it might be because we don’t know what to do if we did get out with others. Still others it might be because we don’t know how to. However, there is one simple way that you can change that reality for yourself and for those you know. Invite them to your house.

Before you stop reading here, just run with me. If your first thought is, “I couldn’t do that! Have you seen my house?”, don’t let that stop you. People aren’t coming over to hang out with your house — they’re coming because you invited them and they want to spend time with you.

Yes, it might mean that you take some time to clean your house up a bit. I realize that we have lost the art of entertaining in our culture, but it’s time to bring it back. We need to stop living life in the moment only and miss planning to spend time with people. Time with friends can be last minute, but sometimes it needs to be intentional, which takes planning.

So take some time and look around you. Who do you know in your life that you could gather together in your home? It doesn’t take much. With the weather being warmer, it’s easier than other times of the year because you aren’t limited based on the size of your home. You can be outside, and even if you don’t have a perfect backyard oasis, it doesn’t mean you can’t invite others to share what you do have. Use camp chairs and a temporary fire pit to sit around if you’re gathering in the evening. Grab a bottle or two of wine, cut up some fruit and vegetables, and enjoy.

Don’t wait for someone else to invite you — do it yourself. You don’t have to have the gift of hospitality to have people to your home. Choose a date a couple weeks from now and invite others to come join you. You might be surprised who shows up.