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Have you been noticing a bit more hair in your brush these days? Or has your stylist been telling you that your hair is a bit brittle and needs to be cut more frequently to keep up with it? Did you know that among stylists, there is a term “thyroid hair”? When I heard this, I was shocked, but I shouldn’t have been. Your hair health is a huge indicator as to your overall health, so make sure you pay attention. If you haven’t asked the question of your doctor regarding what you and your stylist might be noticing, maybe it’s time.

Thyroid hair is one of the challenges I have been facing this past year in my journey. About a year ago, my stylist and I noticed that my hair started thinning. Since I was blessed with so much hair to begin with, it took a lot longer for me to recognize it — my hair has probably been thinning for longer than just this past year. But as it has shown itself, it hasn’t been pretty. I have finally come face-to-face with the challenge of needing to do something.

My first plan of attack has been to really come to terms with my body’s need to be fed AIP (the Autoimmune Protocol). What I have learned is that a Paleo diet is for healthy people, and unfortunately I am not one of those people. Those of us with autoimmune diseases simply have more foods we need to avoid, at least for a season. Now that I’ve understood that and have decided that I simply cannot lose more hair, it will be easier to follow. I have always had great hair, and I intend to keep it as long as I can.

My second plan in my attack is to use a natural hair product that will help calm the inflammation in my hair follicles, which is causing the hair loss. I am trying Monat, but there are others out there. And, I am using it only with the supervision of my stylist, otherwise I could end up doing some damage that I don’t want to face. Thankfully my stylist is on her own wellness journey and understands the challenges of facing autoimmune diseases. Her insights have been invaluable as I continue working toward wellness.

One big thing to remember is that if you try any of the natural hair products out there that claim to help regrow your hair, like Rogaine or Monat, just remember that as long as you keep using the product, your hair will continue to regrow. But if you quit using it, you will lose the growth if this is the only thing you’re doing to halt and/or reverse the hair loss. You cannot heal your hair only from the outside in. You need to heal your entire body from the inside out. The natural products can be used to help boost the recovery from the hair loss that has been brought about by autoimmune or other diseases.

For me, after just two weeks of feeding my body AIP, my hair loss slowed substantially and my stylist is noticing hair regrowing. I might be able change my hair loss simply by following AIP long-term, but right now I’d like a little help to get started with a fuller head of hair. So thank you to my awesome stylist for giving me some assistance.